Jamila Mohamad Hooker

Jamila Mohamad Hooker was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1984. At the age of 4 she escaped one of many wars with her family to find a new home in a tiny town in Germany called Datteln. She grew up with the influence of the traditional culture of the Middle East as well as the modern western world. Jamila has a two major Bachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies and American Studies from the Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany. At the young age of 24 she moved to New York City where she has been living ever since.

Jamila believes that race is nothing but a concept that has been created to separate people and to build walls. Growing up as an arabic woman in Europe and now residing in the USA she sees those walls very clearly on all ends. Her work is meant to be peaceful, loving, but sobering.

Current Exhibitions



Past Exhibitions

Special Projects

  •  Foreign Postcards as part of Bartertown , Dumbo Arts Festival, New York, NY, 2014.
  • Foreign Postcards as part of Bartertown , Brooklyn Museum, New York, NY, 2014.


Exhibition Review: 'Social Practice: The Art of Collaboration', Prison Photography, 2014.

Art + Culture | Social in Practice: The Art of Collaboration, by the Nathan Cummings Foundation, Exhibition Opening Ceremony, Black Congolese, 2014.